What is the metal purity?

Silver jewellery we sell here is made of solid 925 sterling silver or 990 fine silver. Some are plated rhodium, 14k,18k, 24k gold and rose gold. A small number of statement earrings only have sterling silver pins and the rest of the earrings are silver plated. All metal purity information can be found in item descriptions. The majority jewellery items are stamped. A very small number of tiny pendants and charms don’t have stamps.


What is 990 silver and 925 silver?

925 sterling silver is marked S925, which has a purity of 92.5% and the rest of the metal is mainly copper. Some have zinc.
990 silver is marked S990 which means 990 parts per 1000 of pure silver. 990 silver is regarded as pure silver.
The purer the silver, the softer and easier to tarnish.


UK Hallmark

Most of our items are stamped 925, 990 or 999 when they’ve left the manufacturers. We send our items which weigh above 7.78g to the London Assay Office for testing and hallmarking as required by the Hallmarking Act 1973. The Full Traditional UK Hallmark consists of our unique sponsor’s mark (SKL), the traditional fineness mark (a lion’s profile), the millesimal mark (925), the London Assay Office Mark (a leopard’s head) and the date letter.

Full UK Hallmark


Image credits: www.theassayoffice.com

For more information please visit this short guide


What is Oxidized silver? 

Oxidization is an intentional process to oxidize the silver jewellery to achieve a darkened retro look on the appearance. The oxidized jewellery may leave dark marks (the silver sulfide) on your skin upon first few wears. It’s the same as tarnished silver but more evenly displayed on the surface which creates another vintage look.


Why has my jewellery turned black or dark brown?

Sulfur compounds present in air or sweat blackens silver. Silver tarnish is black and copper tarnish is brown. The purer the silver,  the darker the tarnish.

For more information on silver tarnish here is an article by Sheffield Assay Office.


Can I wear my jewellery in the shower or when swimming?

Water generally does not damage sterling silver. However, water does cause silver to oxidize (darken) more quickly. The chemicals inside water will speed up silver tarnishing.


How long does the rhodium, gold or rose gold plating last?

Depending on the frequency of your wearing, most coatings will lasts for more than a year.