6 Tips for Caring for and Cleaning Silver Jewellery

The best way to keep your silver jewellery shine is to wear it often!

Natural oils from your skin will keep silver jewellery shiny

Please wear your jewellery with care. To prolong its longevity, please avoid contact with water, perfumes, lotions, hairsprays or any other liquids. It is highly advisable to protect your jewellery from high temperatures, sun exposure or rough surfaces. Store and protect your jewellery by keeping it in your jewellery box in a dry place and remove it when you go to sleep. To maintain the shine and quality, gently polish it with a soft cloth after each wear.

How to clean tarnished silver jewellery?

Routine care (wear with care, keep them dry and away from chemicals, gently polish with soft cloth after each wear and keep them in sealed boxes or bags) keeps your jewellery looking its best for years. I've listed a listing of cleaning methods, please try the first step before you move onto the following. The methods involving more chemicals may clean the jewellery quicker but will end up speeding up its tarnishing in future. If the tarnished item has many grooves or wire (eg. feather charms, twisted knot studs, filigree charms) it may be better to try water based solutions instead of a polishing cloth.

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Please do not use the last 2 solutions to clean oxidized silver as this will damage the intentionally blackened look.


1. Micro-fibre Cloth or Silver Polishing Cloth

If part of your jewellery starts to turn black or dark brown, please gently polish the tarnished part with dry micro-fibre cloth or a silver polishing cloth.

2. Soap and Water

Simply mix a bit of dish soap with warm water, dip in a micro-fiber cloth then gently rub the piece of silver. Rinse it with cold water. Dry with a soft, clean cloth.

3. Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

Similar solution to ‘soap and water’ instead mixing up 1 tbsp. each of lemon juice and olive oil. Lemons are acidic, and that acid can remove the buildup of tarnish on your silver jewellery. You should soak the item in the solution for between two to three hours.

4. Baking Soda and White Vinegar

If baking soda doesn't work with warm water, please try it with white vinegar instead. It's a gentle way to remove heavy tarnishing. Soak the tarnished jewellery in a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tbsp. of baking soda.

5. Silver polishing water or Salt/Baking Soda, Boiling Water, and Aluminum Foil

If the above didn't work, create a chemical solution from baking soda, salt, boiling water, and foil.

Mix boiling water with 2 tbsp. each of salt and baking soda. Stir the solution to make sure the baking soda and salt dissolve. Next, take some aluminum foil in a bowl or cup. The shiny side of the foil should be placed up. Then place the jewellery onto the foil and gently pour the mixed solution over the items until fully covered. Leave them for 5 minutes. Then rinse and dry as before.

6. Silver polishing water or Salt/Baking Soda, Boiling Water, and Aluminum Foil

Please always try mild then medium strength silver polishing water to soak the tarnished items. Branded polishing water will remove tarnish within a matter of seconds. Then dry immediately with a soft cloth to avoid the formation of water stains. Avoid leaving the jewellery in silver polishing water for a long time as the chemicals will damage the items.


For more information on silver tarnish here is an article by Sheffield Assay Office.

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